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Ireland Golf Trips

Get inspired for your ultimate Ireland golf trip

We’ve created some example Ireland golf trip itineraries to inspire your dream Ireland golf vacation. These are not set packages, with the help of an expert Ireland golf trip planner you can make as many alterations to these sample packages as you desire.

Sample Ireland Golf Trips

The Island

Northern Ireland & County Donegal Sample Tour

Enjoy world renowned courses in Northern & Northwest Ireland


Southwest Swing Ireland

Perhaps the strongest cluster of courses in Ireland

County Sligo

Wild Atlantic Links Sample Tour

Wild and rugged links courses on Irelands West coast


What's Included

With Halcyon Golf Travel an Ireland golf trip is always bespoke to your requirements. Here are the elements that you can tailor to make your Ireland golf vacation extra special.


Walk in the footsteps of legends, or enjoy a quieter course off the beaten track


We can help you choose from a plethora hotels, private homes and inns


From car rentals to private driver guides and helicopters. An option for every budget

Hosting Services

For the best Ireland golf vacations, have a golf travel expert to host your party


We can arrange activities such as distillery tours, fishing and tickets to sports matches


Tours of castles, historic towns and scenic countryside can be added to your itinerary

Table Reservations

Relax and let us take care of your evening dining reservations (should you wish)

Custom Merchandise

Make your Ireland golf trip extra special with some high quality, customised merchandise

What our customers say

Jack, thank you so much for making our Ireland golf vacation so special. Your perseverance and patience with our ever-changing plans (sorry!) didn’t go unnoticed, especially getting us a last minute tee time on our free day. The selection of drivers, hotels and golf clubs were perfect for our group, but playing golf with you at Portmarnock was the highlight of my trip. The shirts you brought us were such an awesome touch, thank you. If I ever get the chance to come to Ireland again, you’ll be getting a call my friend. Sláinte!
Bill M.

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11 tips for planning the best Ireland golf vacation

You never know who you could meet in Ireland, leave some time to be spontaneous or just explore the local area. Playing 7 or more days in a row can also be tiring, having a rest day in the middle can improve the final days of your Ireland golf trip.

The best golf trips in Ireland must include at least one day of bad weather for an authentic experience. Just be prepared!

For guaranteed “Craic” and insight into local life, taking a caddy is a great idea. Links courses often require good local knowledge to conquer, so if you’re playing for money a caddy might be a good investment as well as good fun!

“The Republic of Ireland” or just “Ireland” is part of the European union and uses Euros (€). “Northern Ireland” is part of the United Kingdom and uses Pounds (£GBP). 95% of places will take card anyway, but you need cash to pay caddies.

The best golf trips to Ireland start and finish with a trip to the pub. It’s true the Guinness tastes different in Ireland- so pencil in some time to visit some local pubs, chances are you’ll catch some live music as well!

As you enter more rural areas of Ireland, in places the roads become quite primitive. If you’re driving yourself, make sure to plan for extra travel time

The usual time for checking in hotels is 3pm and you cant always rely on an early check in. You can always leave your bags in the hotel and explore, but if budget isn’t an issue booking that extra night can give your trip a more relaxing start

Apps like “Revolut” are cheaper than using your credit card abroad . You’ll only need cash (GBP£/EUR€) for caddies. Avoid using airport currency exchanges.

In the unfortunate event your luggage gets lost by your airline or you have to cancel your trip at the last minute, make you you have adequate insurance in place to ensure a full refund

Mastering the Chip & Run and Texas wedge before your Ireland golf trip will certainly pay its dividends. When the wind blows, controlled punch shots from the fairways and low spinning drives will give you a great advantage over your travel buddies

Ask all your travel buddies to submit some of their favourite tunes and make a playlist to listen to as you drive through Ireland

Hire a "driver guide" for the best Ireland golf trip

A driver guide for your Ireland golf trip is worth every penny, especially if you’re splitting the cost between 4 or more of you. Here’s why…


With a driver guide you can allocate free time in your itinerary to be spontaneous. Leave a day or a few half days to re-visit somewhere you loved, or to explore with the help of a local. Especially if you’ve never been to Ireland before, the chances are you’ll drive past somewhere or see something that intrigues you. Your driver guide can make a detour for you, or take you back when you have some free time.

Extra time

Your driver guide will help you save precious time by knowing the most efficient way to safely navigate the sometimes primitive roads in Ireland.

Locals insight

Learn as you drive about the places you pass and visit, the chances are your driver guide will have a story or two to tell. You’ll also have the benefit of knowing the best pubs to visit, what local food to try (or miss) and other useful information.

Have a care free drink

The last thing you want to do in Ireland is drive drunk. Having the luxury of a driver allows you to enjoy a few pints after a round of golf and then maybe a few more merry ones in the pub afterwards.

Ireland golf course map

To help you visualise a realistic itinerary for your Ireland golf trip, we’ve conveniently flagged all the best courses in Ireland on an interactive google map (Ireland in green). You’ll also see where the airports are and some of our favourite hotels and Irish activities. When you’re on vacation you don’t want to fall into the trap of being “time poor” due to spending too much time travelling (plus the roads can be slow in rural areas). For example, playing Lahinch, Old Head, Royal Portrush and Portmarnock would be a bit if a stretch for a 1 week trip. Depending what courses are at the top of your bucket list, picking your 2 or 3 favourite courses and then looking for other golf courses nearby is a great way to build a time and cost efficient itinerary. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today and a golf travel advisor will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you plan your dream Ireland golf trip itinerary.